We believe:

    Each client has its own unique story, identity and needs.

    Collaboration and cooperation lead to the most successful outcomes.

    People support what they help to create.

    Clients have the experience and knowledge to bring about effective change.

    With opportunity, people can create positive changes in their lives.

    Each client deserves an individualized response that builds upon their strengths and addresses their needs.

    Justice Solutions Group is a nationally recognized leader in providing criminal justice system and facility planning and design services that assist communities to achieve positive outcomes through innovative products and services.

    JSG’s mission is to deliver innovative justice system and facility planning and design services that are responsive to federal, state, local and tribal community needs and that minimize inappropriate incarceration and promote community safety and wellness.

  • Video

    Looking Back to See the Future of Prison Downsizing in America

    Joan Petersilia, Professor of Law, Stanford University

  • Video

    Rosebud Juvenile Detention Video Tour

    October 2011

  • Video

    Horizon Juvenile Detention Center Video Tour

    Bronx, NY. May 2011.