Tippecanoe County Juvenile Justice Center

Tippecanoe County Juvenile Justice Center

Juvenile services in Tippecanoe County have long focused on providing alternative services to troubled youth and families. Secure detention, when necessary, was obtained on a per diem basis from other counties, with long term treatment purchased from private providers nationwide. Few youths were committed to secure state custody.

County and court authorities, along with juvenile services staff and community advocates, determined that increasing demand for security-based care should be met by the development of a new local detention program for pre-adjudicatory youth. In addition, the program would serve juveniles sentenced to short term custody as an alternative to placement at distant locations. This would permit closer connection to families and local services as a means to improved intervention.

The decision to build presented a further opportunity to unify existing local services, including Courts, Evening Report, Alternative Education, Home Detention, and Intake Processing (Crisis Center). Local authorities decided to incorporate each of these components in the proposed Tippecanoe County Juvenile Justice Center. Nonsecure functions, though completely separate from secure residential areas, all programs to share central food prep and gymnasium space.

A residential capacity of 38 beds is planned, with eight to 12 beds designated for sentenced youth in response to changing needs over time. Small housing units (8 beds, 3 bed flex units) ensure adequate classification and management. Comprehensive education and recreation areas are provided. Integral outdoor space permits direct access from housing, education and dining areas.

The new Courts component, scheduled for future construction, provides an extra courtroom in response to increasing court caseloads. Direct access from detention areas will simplify the hearing process and reduce costs associated with juvenile transport and supervision. Alternative services, including classrooms, meeting rooms, multipurpose areas.