Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians - Adult Justice Complex

Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians - Adult Justice Complex

Master Plan & Conceptual Design

Client: Sault Ste. Marie Tribes of Chippewa Indians
Cost: $ Construction
Area: xx,xxx gsf
Use: Tribal Justice Center

The Needs Assessment/Master Plan discussions began with the statement from the tribe that it is important that they find and acquire appropriate funds and future funding sources to operate and sustain all facility programs and services at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

The Sault Tribes believe that by introducing culturally appropriate services into the treatment and rehabilitation process, it ensures a more comprehensive and effective plan for offenders who come through their justice system.

The first proposal by JSG was to modify the law enforcement area of the existing building to provide adequate holding of offenders and include an enclosed vehicle sallyport.

The next phase of development offered by JSG would be to provide an expansion of the law enforcement department to include administrative suite and dispatch/telecom services.

The final phase of development envisions the further expansion of the building to include a future jail admissions and detention facility.

The diagrams to the left illustrate the various phases of development.