All Design Services Projects

All Design Services Projects

Bergen County Juvenile Detention Center

Caddo Parish Juvenile Complex

Colorado Division of Youth Corrections Girls Treatment Unit (Juvenile Corrections)

Colorado River Indian Tribes (Juvenile Temporary Holding)

District of Columbia Youth Center (Juvenile Treatment/Commitment)

Duck Valley Juvenile Services Center Short-Term Holding & Day Treatment

Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes Adult Detention Center

Franklin County Juvenile Center

Gilliam Youth Center

Harris County Juvenile Courts and Detention Center

Hualapai Adult Detention Center Expansion

Hualapai Alternative to Corrections/Transitional Living Facility

Hualapai Justice Center

Kalamazoo County Youth Home (Detention, Day Treatment & Alternative Education)

Lake County Juvenile Detention and Courts Facility

Lookout Mountain School (Juvenile Treatment /Commitment)

Muscogee Regional Youth Center (Detention and Treatment)

Nebraska Intertribal Juvenile Detention Initiative (Master Plan)

Northern Arapaho Community Assessment Center for Youth

Polk County Juvenile Center (Detention, Courts, Probation and Shelter)

Pyramid Lake Regional Wellness Center (Master Plan)

Ramah Navajo Chapter Adult Detention Center

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

Shoshone – Paiute Tribes of Duck Valley (Juvenile Master Plan)

Squaxin Island Tribe Justice System (Master Plan)

Ute Indian Tribe Justice System (Comprehensive Master Plan)

Washington JRA Intensive Mental Health Unit (Juvenile Mental Health Treatment)

Washtenaw County Juvenile Center (Detention and Day Treatment)