Hualapai Alternative to Corrections/Transitional Living Facility

Hualapai Alternative to Corrections/Transitional Living Facility

Planning, Programming & Design

Cost: $478,135 Estimate for Construction
Size: 3,595 gsf
Use: Alternative to Corrections & Transitional Living Facility
Owner: Hualapai Indian Tribe

This “alternative to corrections/transitional living” facility will house only non-violent offenders that do not require secure confinement. The group expressed the desire to have the environment reflect a normative appearance, in short, a home-like aesthetic.

Each dormitory unit has been programmed and designed to house six resident beds. Within each dormitory space there is a designated area for lounge consisting of furniture, TV, book cases and a few chairs. In addition, separate facilities for a laundry/pantry, shower and restroom are part of each housing unit.

Natural light will be introduced through existing windows and solar light tubes will be incorporated as “green energy” devices.

A kitchen facility is centrally located to serve two separate dining areas, one for men the other for women. Since these dining areas are used for three meals a day in off hours they will be utilized for programs and group counseling.

The main lobby will be a visually welcoming environment with living-room type furniture and provide access to an adjacent “healing room”. The healing room is designed to accommodate residents and family members in a circular form, which also includes an eastern facing window to welcome in the morning light; traditionally thought as a source of a culturally relevant element supportive of a “renewal of life”.

The main entrance to the facility will include a “ramada” that will identify the main access point to the facility.