City Of Richmond Juvenile Justice Center

City Of Richmond Juvenile Justice Center

The City of Richmond Juvenile Justice Center is a multiservice facility that accommodates a variety of juvenile court activities, including secure residential detention, juvenile probation and all family court hearings.  Residential functions take place in a freestanding juvenile detention facility, with all other court related functions located in a separate courts/office structure.

The courts component contains four courtrooms, each independently accessible by courts staff and the public.  Public access into court offices, clerical and files areas is easily controlled to ensure adequate security.  Temporary holding areas, with access to detention via a below ground tunnel, are located on the level below the courtrooms to minimize security and circulation problems.  Probation and all court support functions share a public entry and waiting area.

Residential portions of this complex provide complete housing and activities areas for a total of 60 juveniles in single-occupancy sleeping rooms.  Ten bed housing units provide small group living accommodations so that staff are able to manage and work with residents.  Bedroom windows orient to internal portions of the site to eliminate contact with the public and prevent public access to windows.  Each pair of housing units shares an outdoor courtyard that visually expands the living areas and permits small group activities. 

Housing units are arranged along one side of an interior pedestrian way, with education, recreation and larger outdoor activity spaces articulated along the opposite side.  Circulation and resident supervision are easily managed, and a wealth of indoor and outdoor pursuits are available throughout the day.  Education spaces and the central activities areas are arranged to promote ready access and staffing efficiency.

The Richmond juvenile detention facility is a fine example of residential and courts design based on sound principles of operational safety and effective staffing that incorporates environmental variety and opportunities for daily program flexibility.