Bergen Regional Medical Center

Bergen Regional Medical Center

Owners Representative & Secure Operational Planning

Cost: $3,000,000
Area: 7000 gsf
Size: 11 secured cells
Use: Secure Medical/Forensic Unit
Owner: Bergen Regional Medical Center, Paramus, NJ
Contact: Mary Pestana, - OTR Director of Rehabilitation Services

Richard Kappler, JSG’s Security Operations Manager, while assigned with the Sheriff’s Office was assigned as the Owners Representative to coordinate with a local architectural firm to provide unit security design, locking systems, glazing, door interlocks, unit operations, security electronics and training plans.

Located within New Jersey’s largest hospital, the Bergen Regional Medical Center forensic unit is an approximately $3,000,000 design and renovation project completing the first secure county medical/forensic prisoner treatment unit in the State of New Jersey. The unit was specifically designed to provide a continuum of medical, psychiatric and nursing care for inmate patients with acute or chronic conditions that require continuous medical attention and/or interventions not generally available in the Jail setting. Inpatient treatment takes place in an environment that meets security standards required to ensure the safety of treatment personnel, other staff, inmates and the public. Although the unit is a hospital inpatient unit, it is considered an extension of the County Sheriff’s Corrections Division for security purposes. The County Sheriff provides security and surveillance for the unit on a 24/7 basis.

Design includes an 11-bed locked unit divided into two sections. The medical section consists of 5 beds and the psychiatric section consists of 6 beds. Either section is operated as a separate entity within the unit. Each section provides ample space for the delivery of health related services and has individual examination/interview rooms and secure rooms/cells. The forensic section has a patient dayroom and outdoor exercise area. A security control center is located between the units and is staffed 24/7 by a Sheriff’s Department officer who maintains unit access, door/ security electronics operations and video surveillance monitoring. This officer maintains control of all movement into and out of, as well as throughout the unit. An additional officer patrols between the two sections maintaining direct observation of the inmates.